Dear Parents, Children and Other Visitors
Welcome to the home-page of the Adolf Reichwein School!

We are a state primary school and a state school for special behavioural needs in Freiburg-Weingarten.


The students at our school come from many different countries as well as Germany. They speak many different languages, have diverse cultural backgrounds, and biing very diverse requirements with them for their shared learning and life at our school.

Work at our school is just as varied and diverse as the children at our school.

Alongside numerous projects in school and lessons, in our district and with broader co-operative partners, it is especially important to us that our children should be matched to their needs and make good progress in their language competence, social competence, and possibilities for mobility.

Doing this is a fresh experience for us every day.

If this has made you want to know more about our achievements in daily life at school, we warmly invite you to dip into our home-page. There you‘ll find a lot of information, answers to questions, photos and many diverse contributions from the children themselves.

Yours sincerely

Johannes Schubert